Construction Law

Construction Law Attorney
Bradenton, Sarasota and Surrounding Areas

20 years of real-life construction industry experience

At the helm of Peebles Law Firm, P.A., Douglas A. Peebles has the advantage of over 20 years real-life construction industry experience in the roles of electrician, superintendent, project manager and regional construction manager for the construction of residential, multi-family, apartment complex, medical and nursing home facilities, high-rise office building, multi-story parking garage, industrial, commercial retail, warehouse, highway, transportation, and other construction and development projects throughout Florida. Doug has held a Class “A” General Contractors license since 1989.

Construction Law Attorney

Peebles Law Firm is highly skilled and experienced in virtually all aspects of construction law.

Construction Law Includes


  • Contracts – AIA, Public Agency, and Private Contracts
  • Change Orders
  • Addendums
  • Construction Project Startup, Administration and Closeout
  • Bid Protests
  • Construction Mediation
  • Construction Arbitration
  • Bid Package Compliance Analysis
  • Construction Litigation


  • Construction Liens
  • Notices of Commencement, Notices to Owner, Notices to Contractor, Contractor Affidavits, Claims of Lien, Notices of Non-payment, Notices of Termination
  • Architectural, Engineer, and Design Professional Law
  • Construction Design Law
  • Construction Bond and Surety Law – Private, Public and Federal Miller Act Bonds
  • Construction Defects Claims

  • Construction Insurance and Coverage Issues
  • Indemnification Claims Construction Liability
  • Construction Safety – OSHA Law
  • Construction Workouts
  • Contractor Performance Bonds
  • Contractor Negligence and Liability
  • Public Construction Law

We Have the Skills You Require

Peebles Law Firm is highly skilled and experienced in virtually all aspects of construction law. The law firm’s current and past representation includes developers, general contractors, major subcontractors, material manufacturers and distributors, architects and engineers, and other construction professionals. We also represent governmental agencies and community development districts related to their construction projects. Whether your needs include complex construction defects litigation, contracts, insurance and surety bond law, payment disputes, licensing, real property disputes, or title insurance and real estate closings, we have the skills you require. We are the solution to all the management and business law demands of your construction related business. We are prepared to satisfy the complete legal needs of the construction professional.

Peebles Law Firm is an experienced
and board certified construction law firm
that truly understands your complex construction law needs.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to your success.

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Areas of Practice

Construction Law Attorney

Construction Law

As a Board Certified Construction Law attorney with years of construction industry experience, Douglas Peebles is prepared to meet all your construction law needs.

Real Estate Law Attorney

Real Estate Law

The practice of construction law would not be complete without an excellent background in real property and title insurance law, we have the experience.

Business Law Attorney

Business Law

Your business deserves the skills of a lawyer who fully understands the unique legal challenges that the construction industry presents to the management of your business.

Litigation / Arbitration / Mediation Attorney

Litigation / Arbitration / Mediation

We are dedicated to minimizing and resolving disputes, but when litigation, arbitration or mediation are necessary, we will put our decades of courtroom and litigation experience to work for you.